Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is making the false claim that you are born again. A staggering number of mainstream Christians are guilty of this crime. In this message, I will be presenting a landmark spiritual case exposing the Christian Salvation deception and the charge of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit As the complainant, in this pivotal case of crimes against Christianity and the very Spirit of Yahshua, I hereby bring forth the following charge. The defendants in this case who declare that they are both saved and born again are accused of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. This charge is not brought against those who are truly born-again, as they are aware of God’s plan of Salvation in Christianity. The Standing, which is the legal right to initiate this spiritual lawsuit, is as follows. As an ambassador of Yahshua, who has received the true baptism of the Holy Spirit, I not only have the right to present the afore mentioned charges but an obligation to do so as well. I have been compelled by Christ’s Spirit to declare the Spiritually discerned Gospel truths that do indeed expose the secular humanistic religion that Christianity has become to so many. It is […]